Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Costume That Conceals Nothing

My son and I had several discussions on the matter of dressing for Halloween. This has proven a tedious subject, with carefully chosen wording on my part, as not to distress him by using words that can sometimes be confusing. One word in particular, "Funny."

Since public schools are no longer allowed to have "Halloween" parties, they have adopted the "Fall Party," themed, allowing children to still dress in costumes. I made the mistake in preparation for the Toy Story party at his elementary school of saying, "Dress as Big Baby. Everyone would think it was so funny."

"Funny" did not translate as "evoking humor from the movie and making people enjoy the way you are dressed." More like the scene from Carrie where the mother keeps saying, "They're all gonna laugh at you!!! They're all gonna laugh at you!!!" Sheer and utter horror for my son.

Our task from then on was to find a costume that in no way would make anyone smile, laugh, or have any fond memories of any movies. I didn't know what I was going to do because of this.

Philip, as usual, concocted the answer all on his own; one that suited him to perfection. "I want to go as Electromagnetism."

The book fair had a series of books by Simon Basher and Dan Green ( that had Philip unable to calm down, he was so inspired. I allowed him to purchase four of the six books displayed (which was the start of LOUD arguing on Philip's part), one titled Physics: Why Matter Matters. In it, there is a section titled "Electromagnetism, Electric Cuties" with an illustrated picture of Electromagnetism. That is what he decided he needed to be. To him, this was better than any licensed character. And I agreed.

There will be no disguising who my son is this Halloween. If this is not proof of his brilliance, and resilience, I do not know what is. He proudly wears on the outside his difference. And man, this is all a mother could hope for. "You are perfect the way God made you" is a lesson he has taken to heart.

I love you, Philip.

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