Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sophisticated Party

Philip turns five in just a few weeks and plans for his party are underway. These are some of the conversation snips that have left me a little off my game in the planning department, and illustrate Philip and his amazing mind!

Me: Philip, what kind of cake would you like?

Philip: The Periodic Table

Me: What flavor do you want it to be?

Philip: Well...eggnog. Because that's my favorite.

Me: (BLANK STARE) I' (dialing) "Mom? How do you make an eggnog cake???"


Me: What kinds of games do you want at the party or activity?

Philip: Science experiments. And I want each kid to be a different element.

Me: (BLANK STARE) I'll....try...I.... (click click GOOGLE click click)


Me: What kind of sacks do you want for the goodie bags?

Philip: I want them to have an element on each sack for each kid.

Me: I can do that one! I can do that one! HOORAY!!


*****Read, then see below.

Me: Do you want the 5 candle, or the sparkler "P"?

Philip: My name is Philip. It isn't 5 or "P". It should say Philip. Or "My name is Philip."

Me: Well, the people at the party will know your name is Philip. So let's just put Philip, not "my name is."

*****Philip DOES NOT like nicknames. He does not like abbreviations. And this came off of having spoken to his Speech Pathologist the week before who told me she had been working with him and said, "What would you do if someone called you a bad name?" Since he takes all questions at face value he said very simply. "Well, why would someone call me a bad name? My name is Philip." She said, "Well, what if they said, 'You're dumb!' or something like that." He smiled. "Well, that's just silly. They would call me Philip because that is my name." She said she really had to work not to smile because she thought it was so sweet.


Philip: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Philip: ...I really like my treat sacks. And I like that you did the element Pd for me. Because my name is Philip Deaton.

Me: (Hugging him) Yes, I thought you'd like that (smiling).

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