Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today, we are thankful for diagnosis.

This past March, Philip was definitively diagnosed with Aspergers. Just a few short months later however, we have found a whole new world of promise, hope, and encouragement through the support of each other, family, and community. We have taken part in our state PieceWalk, and are now taking part in organizing the walk for 2011. We have been through both the red tape and fabulousness of an IEP. We have seen great growth in Philip, and the growth of a guardian and protector in his little sister, Evelyn.

We have rejoiced and chuckled at his wonder and excitement for learning, and marveled at the things his young mind can comprehend. ...And sure, we've cried when a leap forward meant three huge steps backward in other areas.

Philip and Evie, we are so proud of you. And we are so thankful we have resources and answers to give you, Philip, and Evie, tools to be a helpful sister and understand. WE LOVE YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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